hi all..
i'm back!!!
well currently i'm bz preparing my final year project proposal..

the title is "seahorses traded as TCM"

fuh.. for this project i need to conduct 2 things which are:

1) interviewing other people opinion and awareness about seahorses.. and also
2) do proximate analysis and compare between dry and fresh product.

well.. looks like it does not take too much of my time.. but i'm stuck in nowhere.. i don't know what to wrie in my proposal.. what is the objectives, method, and also the expected result..

i'm just blurrrr... oh my god.. help me.. only less then 2 weeks to present it. welll.. maybe i need some advice from other senior or maybe from my supervisor.

mybe i'm just tired and think too much.. but never mind.. i will try and do my very best on this proposal.. i can do it!!! Yeah!!!!

ok.. that all for this hour..

ps/ i'm alone in my room while others go to 'konsert kesenian islam'.. well i feel regret coz i didn't go.. but i believe, everything i do, may contribute to rewards.. as i learn from entrepreneurship class... risk need rewards.. ok.. i knew that my sacrifices will give me something in the end..

well.. gotta go.. i have lots of work to do!!!! pray for me ok...

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