if u meet me halfway..

now, its 12.10 am..

right now.. i'm sleepy.. but i can't sleep..


cause i miss u..

so much..

lots of things i wanna tell u..

lots of things i wanna ask u..

i miss u so much...

i wish, i have a jet to go to ur place to meet..

i wish, that i'm with u right now..

so i can look u in the eyes..

i can see ur face fill in with laughter..

i can see ur smile towards me

how i wish we can be together..

when i walk, i miss u..

when i sit, i think of u..

when i read, i see ur face..

wherever i go, i do, u're always in my heart, in my mind, and my eyes..

how can i forget u..

when u have become part of me??

i'm really missing u..

very much!!!!!!

u are the only one that i love,

the one that i care,

and the one that i will regret the most if i ever leaving u..

u're everything to me..

how can i express this feelings??

how can i show u how much i want to see u??

i want to see u..


cause i'm missing u so much!!!!


i love u!!!!!

these words cannot even express how deep my love is..

n how much i miss u..

i really222

missing u...

can't wait to see u..

i love u..


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2nd member of AOX get married.



entry kali ini nk britau yg seorg lagi member zmn sekolah aku dh kawen... wah.. kali ni member laki plak.. sape die??

hehehheh.. jeng2222

nama pengantin lelaki : azwan hanif ali

nama pengantin perempuan: mahfuzah mohamad muhayadin

huhuhuhuhuhu.. stu gmbr je sye dpt dri fb akak die.. sory lah kak.. sye amik gmbr ni.. just nak show dlm blog nih.. sebab wall budk berdua ni x leh comment.. huhuhuhu

so.. nk ucapkan selamat pengantin baru!!!!..

semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat..


ps: baru nk jadi org kedua batch ni yg kawen.. xpelah.. belum ade rezeki.. huhuhuh

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i'm nothing without u..

now, its 4.50 a.m

i woke up just now..

cause i've got really bad dream..

long time ago,,

u've always said to me that..

u will love me, marry me, n make me your other half in the future..

u used to say ' i am nothing without u, n i cannot live without u'.

back then, i didn't realize.. that i actually feels the same...

i am just wondering what will be if we are never be truly together..

and i just can't get the answer..

i just thought that i will be in fine when time passes by..

but now..

i know that i am totally wrong..

i realized..

that feel.. that hurt..

when you leaving me in that dream..

u have got some one else..

which are more beautiful than me..

except, she never really know who you are..

but you still look comfortable in pleasing her..

like i was not there..

it looks like..

u fall in love once again..

and for that time..

my love were lost..

and all our promises..

just fading away..

n when i ask..

why u did this?

u just said:

cause its her.. i'm sorry.. i cannot keep the promises..

and when i ask one more last questions,,

who do u choose between me and her??

u quickly look at her and said to me:


I felt such a loser in the edge of the war..

and i felt such a broke in my heart..

i am crying without stop..

but u just go and leaving me.. with ur new love..

i am suffering..

and hurting..

and i'm in a mess...

and also I realize..

what can i do without u...


i'm nothing without u..


ps: ery, I really don't wanna this dream to be happening in my real life.. Please do keep ur promises.. cause its true.. that i'm just nothing without u...

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i miss everything about u

for the last couple of weeks,

we were so far..

i miss it..

u were so buzy

so i am..

but i had always told u..

that i love u!!!

n i miss everything about u..

i hope u will take care urself well..

cause i will not be there

only my heart that u have stoled from me...

please take care of it..

n don't let it broke..


i hope u arrived at there safely..

cause i'm worried about u..

i'm really missing u...

i don't wanna held it in..

i just wanna tell u..

that i miss u like crazy..

all about you...

i hope u are also missing me..


i'm missing every words that u said..

miss your every laugh , every jokes

miss your voice, miss your smiling face..

miss your every confession..

that u always said to me..


when u said..


i miss that.. so much!!!..

Please give in me some time...

i'm missing u like never..

love u..


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