he is the man i called as ery

yuhu... salam..

actually, bosan sbenarnyer... huhuhu... n missing him a lot. 

ok, kali ni, nk cite pasal die. sape? die lah... sape??(nada tertanyer22) die lah lelaki bernama ery a.k.a cikgu hairi... hehehheheh..

ape kene dgn si ery nih??huhuhu.. x de ape22 lah.. i just snang ati nk cite serba sikit pasal die yg buat i rase bhgie.. 

1) personaliti die.. heheheh...(karakter lah senang cite)

a) he is actually a caring person. Caring bermakne menjaga. taking care. care.. heheheheh.. every girl wants someone that can take care of her. right?? includes me too.. i like the way he taking care of me. first, he will ask  have u eat? are you fine?? please drink lots of water.. take a rest... bla bla bla... this things have been his routine towards me.. n i'm so glad cause everyday, he never forget me even we are very far. 

b) he is also a funny person. yeah, fun. he knows how to have fun n how to make fun. i like the way he make a fun of me. although sometimes he is out of control (too naughty), i know, he do that, just only to make me laugh n happy. i love him and i still do. 

c) he can be a very good listener. every time i'm in trouble or stress or whatever, he will always be there for me. He doesn't even want me to feel like i'm alone. he always be there for me to feel like i have someone that i can trust. and, sometimes, he's not only being a good listener but also a good solver for my problems. he is really understand me. and to me, he is something that precious in my life and i know without him, i will be completely loss. when he say he will solve my problems, he really did it. he is not just do the empty talk but instead he actually did it. even when he has he own problem, but he always put me as his first priority. that's why i like him. that's why i don't wanna lose him.

d) very lovely person. he can say that he love me every single time without even boring to say it. he constantly saying it although we have been in loved for almost 6 years.. he can love me as i am and i as the only one. he never cheated on me. and i'm very glad cause i have him by my side.. 

e) he can be jealous but at the same time, he is very understandable. jealous is a good sign and i like when he being jealous. but i swear, i will never make anything that will make him gets heartbroken. he is very understandable about me, my family, and everything about my life. and for this past 5 years he has been tolerating and accepting my flaws and my good very well. although sometimes, i cross the line when i'm angry or sad, he can accept me the way i am. i am so grateful cause all this time he always been there for me, supporting me and care for me all the way he can.. i truly love him.

f) he actually a romantic person. i know some of you who has known him in the class or outside will say that it is impossible. but all i can say is he is very charming and full of romanticism. he doesn't know how to create a poem or what but all he knows is speak to me in a comfortable way that will make my heart flowering and feel so loved. his honesty and his love captured my heart. sometimes he sings to me some songs although he knew that his voice is not so nice but he actually sings the song just for me to hear it.. i love him very much.

g) he is a father type. why? because he likes kids so much. i realized it when i saw he was holding his nephew and niece. he was so fatherly type. i know he can be a good father one day.. i can't wait for that moment.

he is full of women's ideal type. i am very happy being with him, knowing him, sharing together with him for this past 5 years. i hope that i can be with him forever until my last breath..

ery, when you read this, i just hope that you know that i valued u as much as i valued my life. i love you. i just want you to be my one n only. thank you for always be there whenever i need you. i miss you.

lots of love,


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