result kuar 27 dec.


result oh result..

takut nih..

ape la pulak pointer kali ni??

seriusly sgt risau..

sebab sem lepas bnyk sgt subjek yg kene present...

bab22 prsentation ni, sngt22 lah lemah..


well ape pon,,doakan la ye semoga result gempak..


n to my ery,

recently, i'm truly missing u..

missing u every second..

i can feel ur love even we have not seen each other for a long time..

i trust u, i believe u, n i love u..

lets do our very best for several years before we be united forever..

i love u.. very much.

i hope u always knew that my love is only for u...


take care always.. i'm here for u..


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erm.. today.. i'm quite happy.. for lots of reason..

1) i've been told that my marks for fyp are quite good.. maybe i got A or A-.

2) my friends also got A on her fyp..

3) i've been told the opportunity to further my master on seahorses project.. soon after i graduated .

4) tonight, i will teach another words of japanese which are katakana to my beloved friends...

5) if i graduated with 3 pointer above, i can get scholarship for my master project within 2 years..

so, this is all the happy news i've got since this morning. well, the problem is..

i'm wondering whether i have to work soon after i graduated or just further my study on seahorses project.. if i continue, i will stuck again in Sabah to complete my master for 2 years..

erm.. so.. i don't know what choice the best for me.. of course it is not too bad to stay in here, sabah.. but i miss my family.. owh.. i dun't know.. i'm happy because i have the opportunity to do master.. yet sad because once again, i'm far from my family n him..

well,, never mind, i will keep think n think n seek for advice from my fmily for this thing.. i know Allah will gives the best for me.. insyaALLAH... it is all in HIS hand..

well bye..

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gu mi ho


little bored here.. so just want to update n write sumthing..

well, lately, i've been filling my bred with this korean drama..

'my girlfriend is a gumiho'

this drama is actually the best drama that lee seung gi act compared to his previously drama..

the gumiho is shin min ah.. i started to know her when i watch 'a love to kill' when RAIN become their hero..

yeah, so i;m addicted to this drama.. well cannot wait to know the end..

this drama gives me lots of feeling.. sumtimes funny, happy, angry, sad.. well it is quite interesting...

i'm sure most of korean drama's fan must be watch this drama until the end.. well..

i'm thinking to change my blog theme.. but right now, i cannot find a gud theme yet..

when i'm done found it, i will renovate my blog a little bit..

yeah.. the song in my blog quite sad right..

just let it be.. yea...

shi min ah

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