i'm nothing without u..

now, its 4.50 a.m

i woke up just now..

cause i've got really bad dream..

long time ago,,

u've always said to me that..

u will love me, marry me, n make me your other half in the future..

u used to say ' i am nothing without u, n i cannot live without u'.

back then, i didn't realize.. that i actually feels the same...

i am just wondering what will be if we are never be truly together..

and i just can't get the answer..

i just thought that i will be in fine when time passes by..

but now..

i know that i am totally wrong..

i realized..

that feel.. that hurt..

when you leaving me in that dream..

u have got some one else..

which are more beautiful than me..

except, she never really know who you are..

but you still look comfortable in pleasing her..

like i was not there..

it looks like..

u fall in love once again..

and for that time..

my love were lost..

and all our promises..

just fading away..

n when i ask..

why u did this?

u just said:

cause its her.. i'm sorry.. i cannot keep the promises..

and when i ask one more last questions,,

who do u choose between me and her??

u quickly look at her and said to me:


I felt such a loser in the edge of the war..

and i felt such a broke in my heart..

i am crying without stop..

but u just go and leaving me.. with ur new love..

i am suffering..

and hurting..

and i'm in a mess...

and also I realize..

what can i do without u...


i'm nothing without u..


ps: ery, I really don't wanna this dream to be happening in my real life.. Please do keep ur promises.. cause its true.. that i'm just nothing without u...

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