if u meet me halfway..

now, its 12.10 am..

right now.. i'm sleepy.. but i can't sleep..


cause i miss u..

so much..

lots of things i wanna tell u..

lots of things i wanna ask u..

i miss u so much...

i wish, i have a jet to go to ur place to meet..

i wish, that i'm with u right now..

so i can look u in the eyes..

i can see ur face fill in with laughter..

i can see ur smile towards me

how i wish we can be together..

when i walk, i miss u..

when i sit, i think of u..

when i read, i see ur face..

wherever i go, i do, u're always in my heart, in my mind, and my eyes..

how can i forget u..

when u have become part of me??

i'm really missing u..

very much!!!!!!

u are the only one that i love,

the one that i care,

and the one that i will regret the most if i ever leaving u..

u're everything to me..

how can i express this feelings??

how can i show u how much i want to see u??

i want to see u..


cause i'm missing u so much!!!!


i love u!!!!!

these words cannot even express how deep my love is..

n how much i miss u..

i really222

missing u...

can't wait to see u..

i love u..


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