luse aku gi semporna!!!!


hi allzzz....

i'm back!!!


act, this friday my batch of aquaculture will go to semporna for 4 days n 3 night!!!!


i'm so excited,, why??

because, this is the first time ever i'm going to the farthest town in sabah..


during my field trip, i will go visit shrimp farm and factory and also seaweed farming in there.

just one more day to go.. hehehehhe

they say,, maybe this is the last trip ever for aquaculture student to go semporna..( our junior cannot come) bcoz next year, they will only heving this kind of field trip around KK..

so, i want to use this whole opportunity to learn some knowledge in there and have fun as much as i can,.,

so, plis pray for me to go and came back safely..

ok guyz.. thnx a lot..

ps: i bet, when i come back, u will never recognize me. why?? cause i'm all over burned by the sunlight there.. anyway.. this is a learning process right?? so, i must sacrifice a little bit..

k guyz.. love u allzzz.. bye

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