this post is written for someone that i care the most.. she is being lingered and being surrounded and being bonded with the most hypocrite person and nonshame person i have ever met.. wth.. i'm so angered by his action to her.. i wish i never have to know him ever in my life.. wth.. i wish that she is free to go and not being bothered anymore with him.. i feel so much frustrated because i cannot do anything to help her get rid this person.. i am damn crazy right now.. what he say??? market?? owh my god!!!!!!!! how dare he say like that?? did he ever try to undrestand her feeling.. i feel like i want to take out all his hair n step it up.. i wish that i could do that now.. owh.. how i wish.. i don't like to hear or to see her crying, sad and whatever that make her tears dropping.. i wish i could be right there for her.. i wish that i could help her.. my dear.. i need u to be patient.. all i can help right now.. is just stay n keep in touch with u.. all i can do now.. is just be there when u need someone to talk.. i promise that i will never leave ur side.. i care u the most.. u're an imortant person to me... i will never let u cry again because of that stupid hypocrite person!!!!!! i swear to u..

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