wanna say.. that i'm in a boring mood...
tomorrow i will go to the cinema to watch PRINCE OF PERSIA with fara, leya and nas.. they are my coursemate..n

as i counting the days.. there are just two days n less before i meet my fmily..
i don't know why i miss them damn much.. well... everything is going so well..
but right now.. suddenly i got fever.. n also flu.. maybe because of the rain late evening..
when me n leya going back from hatchery.. i don't know if i am well enough to go to watch the movie tomorrow.. but..

i have to.. because we had already booked the ticket... well.. i think that i should go too..

and in here, i want to thank all my besties that always care for me, cook together for me.. during this sem break.. i don't know.. but i think i'm gonna mis u guys after i come home later.. its the best sem break i've ever had.. because we're like a family..thanx for giving me the best memory i have ever had in ums.. thanx a lot buddy..

ever since in my life, i have never experience birthday celebrating with my friends.. it is because.. my birthday always fall on holidays, which are in june.. so.. for 19 years, i have never been so happy when my birthday came.. no suprising.. just a wish and then.. the days are gone..

for birthday present... you don't even ask.. i'm not materialistic person.. but.. sometimes, i just want some appreciating from my friends, as a mark that they were really appreciating me loving me as their friends.. but.. every year, my hopes are not fulfilled..

even so, just last year, i receive a present from my best friend.. she gives me a pillow.. small cute pillow which is purple in colour n has a pic of barney on it.. i like it.. very much.. thnx iz... n another present i get is from my best friend also, is a hijab or tudung, black in colour.. thnx leya.. thnk u, buddy.. i appreciate what u have done for me.. i'm glad..

although not all your friends can remember ur birthday, but there must be someone that will truly remember ur birthday.. for me, it's my mum.. a mother will not forgotten the day she was giving birth to her child.. never..every single mother will not forgotten..

so.. whenever i felt so empty and unhappy, then, i will think of my mom.. because only mom can bring her child happiness back.. mom, thank u for giving me birth.. i love u so much..

and also, my life become cheerful because of the presence of this person in my life, my heart n my soul.. it is my hubby, ery... he would do anything for me.. all i want you to do is.. just stay by my side.. n be mine forever.. thnk u vry much hubby.. i love u so much..

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