good afternoon,,

i'm hereby to say.. that i am so frustrated right now.. cause someone.. have cause me mad..
what have i done wrong?? if i have done something wrong, just tell me.. don't show your rudeness to me.. even i'm younger than your age.. it doesn't mean that you can treat me like this.

you think you are big enough to show me your 'good' face?? Hey, come on lar.. nobody's perfect.. if i done something wrong, just tell.. it doesn't mean i cannot accept the wrong things that i did.. just tell.. why you make things harder?? if somebody do that to u, how do you feel?? is it good??

not right?? you will feel really bad.. as if you have kill one person.. so then, don't ever make me feel like i wanna slap you for your rudeness.. you know what.. you're just showing your true color.. first time i know you, you are the most caring, kind person i have ever met except my hubby..

i wonder.. how u can make someone made and hate u..while you're kind.. now.. i know how u do that.. oh, god.. u're hypocrite.. i hate this type of person.. don't u ever think that i will give up this course and lose to u.. never..

i swear.. i will never lose to u..i have gone through lots of miserable experience that maybe u never experienced yet.. i'm not that kind of weak person that u can stepped ur feet on me.. naaa.. not me.. ok??

if u have intention to do that.. i will say sorry first.. don't u ever think that a girl like me can just let u go... hahah.. well u're wrong!! totally wrong.. i hate u.. you know.. i hate u!!! thank u for making me feel frustrated, bad and wanna kill myself.. but from today onwards, i will never weaken myself to hypocrite person like u.. just so u know..

i hate you!!! real bad!!!!

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