22 march 2006

now, finally 4 years we together build our own world where we share everything.. our dreams, future.. n also problems..

i'm so glad cause this day come after 1 wait for so long.. thank god...
for 4 years.. i knew, he is the one that suits for me.. the one who always care for me.. i love him.. more than everything.. i cannot imagine how i can live without him..

after all that we have been through together.. lots of mistakes, hate, frustrated.. but still i cannot get over him.. and still i cannot let go of him.. so do him.. we both need each other..

n my hope is.. i want this relationship to be last forever.. for 4 years, i knew how much we need each other in our life..

thank god and thanx to my one, ery for give me this happiness.. i appreciate everything that u have done for me.. although i knew i'm not perfect..

but u still appreciate me n myself the way i am.. i'm glad cause i have u by myside.. thanx... darling..

i want u to know.. wherever i go, there will never be like u.. i will never change my love for anyone else.. just u that i need in my life.. i love u...

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