Today is Friday.. So I wanna share something.. about my secret.. huhuhuhuhu

actually, it didn't count a a secret anymore, cause i have told some of my friend about it..

I have a dream.. i have a dream to open a bakery shop (mainly bread) like multibake.

hahahahhahahahaha.... so it is???

yeah.. so it is.. quite funny right??

i don't know.. long time ago i didn't really like bread. Its not like i don't eat them, but i just don't like to eat. if there are other choices of food to eat, i'd rather choose other than i choose bread.

n then, i don't know when.. but i start to like bread when i see so many bread in multibake. Colourful and looks tasty. Since then, i tried to eat them. and i love the way they been made. Love it so much. N I feels like i wanna learn how to make those bread as tasty as it were.

hahahahah.. i'm a student of aquaculture n i'm going to grad this year, but i have a dream to be a baker?? hahahha.. funny..

and i also have a dream to make one room in my future house as a library. N i'm going to put every book that i like and whatever book i have bought especially my novels to be put in that room. N every night, I hope that I can spent some time to read those books again.. hahahah.. n later on, I want my kids to read those books during their growth.. I want my kids to have a great hobby of reading books.

hahhaah.. n I also have a dream to go honeymoon in other country.. if possible, i might want to go to Korea. why??? I don't know.. maybe because I adore their drama, actor, people, language, and also culture..

I've also been dreaming to go to Kelantan and Terengganu for my first honeymoon and watching then light from tall buliding.. I can see many light from other building, roads, and also lamp.. i'm crazy about light.. Mainly Light from the lamp.. so beautiful.. amazing, makes my heart flowering.. hehhhehe..

how much more dreams that I have?? so many.. but this are those that i have always wanted..

so.. I hope, one day, one by one, i can fulfilled those dreams with my future husband, MOHD ZULHAIRI PAIMAN.

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