erm.. today.. i'm quite happy.. for lots of reason..

1) i've been told that my marks for fyp are quite good.. maybe i got A or A-.

2) my friends also got A on her fyp..

3) i've been told the opportunity to further my master on seahorses project.. soon after i graduated .

4) tonight, i will teach another words of japanese which are katakana to my beloved friends...

5) if i graduated with 3 pointer above, i can get scholarship for my master project within 2 years..

so, this is all the happy news i've got since this morning. well, the problem is..

i'm wondering whether i have to work soon after i graduated or just further my study on seahorses project.. if i continue, i will stuck again in Sabah to complete my master for 2 years..

erm.. so.. i don't know what choice the best for me.. of course it is not too bad to stay in here, sabah.. but i miss my family.. owh.. i dun't know.. i'm happy because i have the opportunity to do master.. yet sad because once again, i'm far from my family n him..

well,, never mind, i will keep think n think n seek for advice from my fmily for this thing.. i know Allah will gives the best for me.. insyaALLAH... it is all in HIS hand..

well bye..

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ciksutiey said...

wah..tahniah dik...
buat pilihan yg terbaik..jgn lupa solat istikharah..insyaAllah..
i'm oso hepy 4 u my dear adik!! ^__^

miss nia said...

ok kak long.. thnx.. missing u.. huhuhuhu..

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