what a girl wants

she wants to be loved as she never be loved before...

she wants to be the most lucky girl in this whole world because she had a wonderful moment with her beloved..

she wants to be love as what she is.. not pretending to be someone else

she wants her beloved to be with her in every precious moment she will had..

she wants her beloved to love her as only she is the most precious thing in the world..

sometimes, she just wants to hear some romantic words from her beloved..

and sometimes, she just wants a surprise to come without she ask to..

she just wants her beloved to be there for her.. even when the happiest or sadness thing happen to her..she just want to share it with her beloved..

she wants her beloved to understand.. that their memories of being together are the most precious moment that she ever had..

she want her beloved to believe that she will always love him even when she cannot meet him and see him or even when she die..

BUT sometimes, he cannot understand what she wants....

even when she ask to..

only a simple things that she ask to..

love her as only she is the most precious, beautiful and everything in his life..

dedicated to my one n only, ery..

i love you..

what aqua girls want.. are fish

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acap de souza said...

wat bout aqua boyz?

miss nia said...

aqua boys wants are money!!!huhuhuhu

acap de souza said...

we not a money boz ok...hakhak

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