erY and ezA vs Broframstone& Khaizarein

terpanggil untuk join walau dah hari last. hope bro kasi kami join yerh. untuk join bleh klik

My hubby name is Mohd Zulhairi bin Paiman. A.k.a ery or zul or poi. Nickname i given him is ery or ikn buntal ku cyg. Hehe. if uolss see in this picture, obviously he looks so tall and thin right? yes, thats true.. but now, he become my chubby hubby. heheh. this picture was taken on graduation day of our school. The white watch is the first present he ever give me.

Detik perkenalan kami

is when we were in secondary school. huhuh. that ime, we were in the same class and in form 5. Actually, my life story in that school is nothing to be proud with, because i had some miserable experiences in that school. However, i am really greatful because the only reason i will never forget about that school is because of him.
First time when we talked is when he ask me, "kau ngah wat pe tu eza?" n that time, saya x layan sangat. maklumlah, saya jenis yang pendiam.. resulted from that miserable experiences.
The, he try again to talk to me. He took much effort to talk to me. i wonder why he is so pleasure to get my interest to talk with him. i don't know. maybe he is just the same with other people whose only wanna make laugh of me. But, he looks very sincere.

then i just give him a chance and talk to him after he was awake from his slept and i said, "Erm, zul. Kau dah sampai mana tu? Bulan ke? Cantik tak bulan tu?"
then he smile and said "Sampai Planet Pluto dah. Cantik planet tu. Orang-orang kat sana pun baik-baik. Kenapa? Nak kirim salam ke? Boleh ja. Nanti saya call orang kat sana sampaikan salam awak. Amacam?". oh my god. that time i think he is a funny guy which have a good smile.

saya terkaku sebentar melihat senyumannye. i don't know. i think its sweet. then, i quickly covered my feeling by saying another sentence. " Erm, ye, encik Pluto. Tolong sampaikan salam saya dari bumi ya." n he said " oh, cik Bumi ya, ok. Nanti saya tolong kirimkan salam and yerk." then from that moment he always want to know about me. I used to have such a low confident when i face someone. But after i know him, i became more confident about myself.

After that day, we called each other en. pluto n cik bumi. It is really sweet. I cannot forget how much i feel when he care about me. After 1 month, i had be friend with him, h started to show me more caring acts like i was his girlfriend. At that time, i know i am just an ordinary person which cannot be compare to him. All of his friends ask me what is ur relationship with zul. everybody very excited to know because, this is the first time he ever talked to a girl seriously. Before, he doesn;t even want to talk to girl like he talk to me. I don't know whether its true or not. but all of his friends seem o be really suprised when they know about me n him. After all we are just friends and not more than that although deep in my heart, i start to like him.

Detik2 dilamar.. This moment, is very unforgettable n very sweet. i have never expected to have an experience like this. but its done. One day, he ask my roomate to tell me that he has something to tell me. At that time, i felt happy but at the same time, i felt nervous as if something bad could happen. and the next morning, i ask him what are the 'something' he want to tell me.

he suddenly 'gagap' and couldn't say anything. then, he just said that "Erm, izzah. Macam mana ya nak cakap. Kau pun tahu, sebelum ni aku jarang cakap dengan perempuan. Aku susah nak layan perempuan. Dan kaulah perempuan pertama yang aku selesa berkawan dan luahkan semua yang aku tak boleh cakap dengan orang lain. Tentu kau pun tahu, apa yang aku tahu."
maybe i can capture what he said, but at that time, i am still feel that something bad could happen. then he said "Aku nak cakap, yang aku.. aku.. aduh, aku.." then he continue, "Macam ni, perasaan tu ada pada kau. tapi aku tak boleh cakap. Aku tak bersedia. Beri aku tempoh sampai malam ni ya. malam ni aku akan cakap."

oh, my god. I dont even know that he has feelings for me. however, i'm so happy yet feel funny because no one in this world can postpone the declaration to be prepared. huhu. he is the one n only in this world who is brave enough to do that.
the night comes, n then he called me to go to his desk and said " Izzah, sory sebab biar kau tertunggu-tunggu. ok. Kaulah cinta pertama aku. Jadi, sekarang, aku nak cakap yang aku sukakan kau dan aku nak kau jadi teman istimewa aku. Sudikah?" from this statement , i started to know that he is really sincere and really care about me. then, a few minutes after that, i give a reaction as a mark to accept his love. how beautiful it is right?? don't forget to vote me ha. huhuh

now, 4 years we have been together. our officially date is on 22 march 2006.

5 perkara:

1) he will call everyday. don't care whether he busy or not. he didn't like to send message. he rather call to talk to me. He said " ery x dapat tidur kalau tak denga suara eza satu hari." Thats mean he always give the priority to me compared to other things, although there is much work else to do.

2) most loyal person i have ever met. the prove is we have been together for 4 years. he is in terengganu and me study in Sabah. This shows that he is a responsible guy i have ever met. he willing to give up his dream to become a doctor, because of me. He want to find a job which he can spend more time with me in the future. How sweet is that.

3) he know when i will be in a happy mood, moody mood, and tension mood. He knows me the best. even me myself cannot understand myself. He is very understanding and very extraordinary boyfriend. I am a student university and thats true, my course is like hell because i am always buzy. but, he seems to understand me and accept the way i am. although day by day, my face getting darker, he will never complaint. as he says, i like you because who you are not what you are.

4) he will only talk romantic and 'ckp lembut' with me. he didn;t ever talked 'lembut' to other people. n he likes to be called 'garang' rather than speak like that to them. his reason is just one. he doesn;t wanna make me jealous and make the girls adore him.

5) He also is a forgivable man. Whenever i do mistakes, or do something wrong, he will never get angry with me in a long time. He said that he never can be angry with me. He said that after all, i am his everything. he can always tolerate everything with me.

truly, i am in deep love with him. slogan dari saya: Broframestone & khaizarien merupakan pasangan yang sangat romantik dan comel yang pernah saya jumpa dan mengharapkan kamu berdua sentiasa bahagia dan berkekalan sehingga akhir hayat. Dan mereka tidak boleh mengalahkan pasangan ery dan eza. Dengan ini kami mengisytiharkan perang ke atas pasangan bro framestone & khaizarein. Undilah kami pada 1-4 april 2010.(pasangn no 26). please vote!!

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